Sight Lights

Sight Lights
Sight Lights
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Reading instruments is easier with Sight Lights! A revolutionary, efficient and simple solution to the problem of lighting surveying instruments. Say goodbye to the acrobatic balancing act when holding a light and a compass. Simply hold the Sight Light equipped survey instrument up to your headlamp for a few seconds and it will glow bright enough and long enough to easily read the dial. One-handed shots! Why didn’t we think of this sooner!?

Sold in pairs. Fits Suunto Tandems, compasses (KB-14) and inclinometers (PM-5).

Sight Lights use the brightest glow-in-the-dark material in the world.

Installation: Starting with a completely clean instrument, use the supplied alcohol wipe to gently and carefully remove any residue from the top surfaces and the capsules. Let air dry. Peel and gently apply the clear, round stickers to the capsules. Peel and carefully align and stick the Shield over the capsules. Gently press.

Using the Sight Lights: Charge with a bright light for a before a survey session. Do a quick refresh-charge before each reading by holding the instrument to a light or headlamp for a few seconds. Read the beautifully illuminated dial.